“I highly recommend Mark Campbell who worked with our company on a marketing/research and branding project in 2010. Mark brought his own unique talent, creativity and impressive background in specialty travel to the table, but also tapped his extensive network and coordinated other expert contribution to our project (which we greatly appreciated). Throughout the project he was always responsive and professional, but also very easy and enjoyable to work with.”

 Annie Lucas, Vice President – MIR Corp. February 24, 2011

“I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Mark on several consulting projects. His calm and focused approach, in combination with his friendly and engaging demeanor, consistently sets a productive and results-driven tone for every project. Not only is he a leading branding expert in the travel industry today, his vast experience managing travel companies is extremely valuable to both clients and partners on consulting projects. I highly recommend Mark as a smart, well-rounded, accountable branding consultant.” 

Sarah Fazendin, Principal – Fazendin Tourism Consulting Services, May 24, 2011

“Mark Campbell walked into our office at the start of the New Year 2009 with a smile and eagerness to help us conduct a 3-month re-branding and marketing plan. Six months later, after we decided to extend his consultancy another 3 months to resolve some internal management problems, he left still smiling and we have a much more comprehensive and detailed marketing plan as well as a new dream team to make it all happen. He contributed his executive management and personnel skills, financial analysis and reporting talents, as well as his knowledge of the industry including so many contacts and resources to draw upon that served our needs so well.”

Kurt Kutay, President – Wildland Adventures, July 20, 2009

“It was our pleasure in the fall of 2011 and early in 2012 to engage Solaia Consulting and Mark Campbell as consultants in how to better market our product and align ourselves with the realities of 21st century marketing strategies. Global Village is a travel related, small business within a very large, global non-profit, Habitat for Humanity International.  In Global Village we engage about 5000 to 6000 volunteers annually in 400 to 500 ‘charitable working trips’ each year.  The volunteers on these trips pay all of their own costs to participate, including a modest donation to the charity to further our work.

Our challenge for the past 3 years has been to maintain and increase market share in a struggling economy with a higher level of political risk and instability than the travel industry has ever seen.  Our staff—while deeply committed and dedicated to the mission of providing decent shelter around the world—is not deeply experienced in global travel or sales.  With Mark’s help we have a far greater understanding today of our product value, the unique nature of our brand, the opportunities before us in an e-based world, and the tools available to tell our story in a compelling way.  I feel that we are far better equipped today to meet the challenges before us and we are better educated, better prepared and well positioned to have banner years ahead.  I feel especially grateful that Mark was not only able to inspire the Global Village staff, but to network and build relationships throughout Habitat, with the Web Services team, with our in-house writers and editors, with the marketing and brand strategy group and with our resource development team.  We are all better off for having had him as a colleague.”

David Minich, Director, Global Volunteer Engagement – Habitat for Humanity International, January 10, 2012