Importance of storytelling based research

Great brand stories start with great research.The purpose of this research is to help you identify the ways in which customers connect emotionally to a product or service category and then to the brand itself.

Whether your audience is customers, prospects, employees or the general public, they all have stories about you. These stories are rich with clues and insights about what is meaningful and emotionally compelling about your category, your brand or your company.

Developing a persuasive story begins with understanding your audience—not merely what they want, but what they feel and why. So, how can you get to this deep level of emotional understanding? Many leading companies today are using the power of narrative analysis as an extremely effective technique for achieving this understanding. Narrative analysis is powerful because it is through narrative or story that we are able to speak about those emotions that are most meaningful to us.

As marketers, our continuing challenge is to create strong and lasting bonds with current and potential customers. We must be adept in persuading them to act in ways that support our brands, products, and companies. To do this well we must capture their imagination, speaking to their hearts as well as their minds.

Stories are the fundamental way of doing this. Leading companies today are researching stakeholder stories to:

  • Create an emotionally compelling brand or company story used to develop and implement a content-based marketing program
  • Identify the characteristics of an “emotional space” they want to own for brand strategy development
  • To engage with prospects, customers, influencers and other audiences in order to establish thought leadership and become a trusted authority
  • Identify the deep emotional drivers associated with a specific experience used for operational improvements, personnel training and customer loyalty metrics
  • Identify the essence of corporate culture used to assess and plan for successful mergers