Marketing plan development & execution

For the vast majority of companies, the days of marketing brands via mega-budget interrupt-driven advertising and promotion is over. For most companies, the old school of marketing via the 4 P’s (product, place, price, promotion) is dead. The good news—no, make that the great news—is the new world of marketing is all about customer engagement driven by 5 E’s: empathy, experience, everyplace, exchange, and evangelism.

Customers no longer separate marketing from the product—it is the product. Customers don’t separate marketing from their on-site or online experience—it is the experience. In the engagement era epitomized by the hyper-social connected customer, marketing is the company.

At Cascadia Marketing, we believe the best marketing is that which converts prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers who then become your advocates. It’s the results that matter and that’s what we are passionate about.  Our approach is best summed up by a small business owner who was quoted in a recent article that ran in Entrepreneur magazine: “I see my business as a content marketing company,” he told the magazine. “My entire goal is to give more valuable, helpful, and remarkable content to consumers than anyone else in my field, which will in turn lead to more sales."

The marketing plans we develop (and help you to implement if desired) rely heavily on creating, repurposing, and distributing emotionally compelling content as a means of converting prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers.