Staff assessment & development

When employees love and believe in what they do, they expend extra effort, give up their spare time, take responsibility for the company and promote it to the people they meet. Your employees are some of your primary storytellers. Each time they interact with your customers, they have an opportunity to build and strengthen (or damage) your Brand Story. Fostering the complete engagement between your Brand Story and your employees should be your top priority in your 360 ° Brand Story building strategy. To learn more about the many benefits a company will realize from management and staff being in alignment, see our case study

To communicate effectively with your employees, you need to go beyond posters and employee publications and instead create opportunities for your people to participate in directly. For example, you can involve your employees in product development and customer experience design. By so doing, you make your employees an integral part of how your company manifests its Brand Story.

As part of our discovery process we typically conduct in-depth interviews with staff. In doing so, we often uncover the unique ‘story’ of each individual we meet with; what brought them to the organization, what their hopes and aspirations are, what they do that they love (and hate), what’s holding them back from being the best they can be in their current role, etc. Thus, as we work to uncover and articulate the brand story of the organization, so too do we uncover and ‘connect-the-dots’ that help us to understand each staff member; as both a person and an employee.

For clients who want to foster an environment that maximizes understanding, embracing and celebrating their Brand Story through their employees, we offer the following personnel assessment and development services:

  • Communication skills
  • Why marketing & branding really matters
  • Job description review and creation
  • How to infuse your brand story into your work
  • Identifying and leveraging customer service interactions to tell and/or reinforce the Brand Story
  • Team building with senior management