What is a Brand Story? And Why Do I Need One?

So how do brands break through and stand out from the crowd? You—your brand—must establish an emotional connection with your customers and you have to be meaningfully differentiated. You do this with a compelling Brand Story. Your Brand Story is the narrative that, in the telling, portrays the heart and soul of your brand and emotionally connects your brand with the consumer.

A quick Internet search of companies reveals that many organizations view their Brand Story as a version of their company histories. Interesting as these histories may be—and often they are very compelling—they fail in their primary purpose, which is to emotionally connect people to the brand.

We’re talking about a story that emotionally connects you with each customer, deeply and personally. At its very best and most powerful, your story transcends time, culture, and location because it speaks to those ageless and unchanging truths about the human experience—birth, mating and marriage, family, growing up, growing old, kinship, struggling against all odds, etc. That’s the story that needs to be told through everything you do.

The most successful and sustainable brands will be the ones that meet the needs, hopes and aspirations of today’s connected consumers. Your success in today’s hyper-social marketplace requires building more respectful, collaborative and enduring relationships with all of your brand stakeholders—employees, customers and business partners. To us, this means every employee and every third party contractor who interacts with your customer doesn’t just represent your brand. At that very moment they are your brand.

Every interaction, every touch point will reinforce, perhaps enhance or (sadly) diminish the perception of your brand. Developing and managing your brand demands that you fill every department and every aspect of your organization with the mythic qualities of your Brand Story.

You use your Brand Story to communicate what you stand for, what you promise, and what your customers’ experience. Only be discovering, understanding and communicating your unique brand story can your transform your customers and employees into passionate engaged advocates. It is your advocates who share their own stories about your brand that reinforce your Brand Story and build your business. To learn more, please read our white paper.

So how and where to get started? Please read about our two options for storytelling-based research: the Cascadia Brand Compass™ and our partnership with StoryTellings™ Consulting. And read about how our brand story discovery work helped an Africa-based operator to re-brand.

Just as no two brands are identical, each Brand Compass we create is custom-fitted to the particulars of each client. The Brand Compass we create will guide and inform all of your subsequent branding, marketing and messaging.